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Why the ROOM?

Legal analyses is always time-consuming. Valuable time, which the ROOM helps you save. With our team of experts you always keep control. From now on you’ll have all your data gathered and the insight to effortlessly process it.


the ROOM analyses contracts with the fastest and most advanced software. The result? An immense acceleration of the process.


the ROOM always leaves room for innovation. Which is why we incorporate all the newest developments in our state-of-the-art software.

Cost Reduction

A faster process is equal to less hours. Less hours automatically result in a huge reduction of costs.


the ROOM works with a team of specialists. Our expertise reaches far in both the legal and software field.

Our Legal Solutions

Whether you’re looking for guidance regarding legal analyses, in need of insight regarding rules and regulations; the ROOM always has the solution. Click one of our services below for more information.

Audit Support

Always thoroughly and accurately prepared for legal audits.

Contract analyses



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Due Diligence

Every business Due Diligence ready with the ROOM

Virtual Dataroom

Legal Fact Book

Q&A Management

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Efficient and Accurate

Client portal

All involved consultants can share information in a secured environment. Available 24/7, with minimum workload and maximum control.


Our experts analyse the contracts and other documents for risks, comprehensiveness and relevance. We report any deficiencies.


Potential risks and recommendations found in the scans are reported back with further explanation. Keeping you prepared.


Our recommendations and tips allow you to easily solve potential risks. Making sure you always stay prepared for any possible situation.