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As a legal tech pioneer and market innovator with more than 20 years of experience in M&A, we make your (vendor) due diligence simple, more accurateand profitable.

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Our approach

Whether preparing for due diligence, considering vendor due diligence or conducting due diligence. With our AI-driven due diligence approach we save significantly on legal spend, assure quality and meet deadlines while you stay in the drivers seat.

Our approach starts with a first level of contract review leveraging AI software!

We solve real problems

First level of review for (vendor) due diligence

Technology enabled

We leverage leading-edge AI-tools specificallytrained for abstracting provisions relevant to M&A transactions, including change of controland assignment provisions. Our due diligence experts quality control the results and complete a nuanced analysis (first level of review).

Rapidly deployed solutions

With our ready-to-use tools we get the review started quickly and ensure alignment by tailoring review guidance to the specifics of your deal. We scale up quickly to meet even the most aggressive of deal-driven timelines.

Reallocation of resources

Gain insight in potential risk and opportunity, not of a top 10 customers, but of your entire client portfolio. Enable the legal advisor to scope their work and costs in advance, immediately address key areas of concern and potential flags, and effectively carry out their work at a high level.

Committed to excellence

Our 20 years of experience in combination with strong process efficiency means we help increase your ROI for deals that close and lessen the cost impact of deals that do not close. Save significantly on legal spend, while assuring high quality advice. Without disrupting your day-to-day business.

More than Due Diligence, we support our clients at every step of the transaction.

  • VDR preparation
  • Document collection and structuring
  • Pro-active and on-site support to the target
  • Redacting sensitive information
  • Q&A management
  • Preparing automated closing binders
  • Co-read transaction documents

Otto Wilten

Founder & Business Development

Marije van Akkerveeken


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