We are the ROOM

Founded in 1999 with the aim of making all processes in the merger and acquisition market more efficient. That is exactly what we have been doing for about twenty years. We have our sights set on output, on maximum added value. Innovation is also essential to us, as is the continuous improvement of ourselves and our services. We do not stand still.

Our strength

The ROOM aims for efficiency through the powerful combination of innovative technologies, legal knowledge and years of M&A experience. One cannot exist without the other, and improvement lies in the right combination of these resources. By replacing human hands in routine work with software, a process such as data collection or due diligence is significantly accelerated. On the one hand, this means that fewer employees need to be involved in the transaction process (which, in view of sensitivity and confidentiality, is often not a luxury). On the other hand, it provides the means to efficiently deploy external advisors such as lawyers and corporate finance specialists: namely precisely where they are needed and where their expertise provides the greatest added value.

As experienced project managers, we coordinate the entire transaction process in the most efficient manner, where speed, cost reduction, accuracy and trust are of paramount importance.

We use the software solutions of Legal Wing for every transaction. Therefore, we work in close collaboration with them. Legal Wing is the legal tech expert, and together we can determine which legal tech solutions should be used to improve each specific part of an M&A process.

"The one thing we will never do is stand still"
Marije van Akkerveeken

Our team

In addition to the software component, which is now our raison d'être, our team of experts is indispensable. Our team consists of experienced lawyers and project managers, who grasp every challenge with both hands and full of energy. Innovation and efficiency is in our blood. Something we consider essential in this dynamic market.


We provide a working climate that ensures that everyone can continue to develop and show their own initiative. In this way we get the best out of ourselves and the team, so that we as a team can achieve the best result for our customer time and time again.


Averse to formal behaviour, but down-to-earth and focused on transferring all our knowledge, experience and energy. We therefore do not like to see ourselves as 'an adviser', but as an extension of a management team or transaction team, which offers the knowledge and control that is required at all times. A full-fledged sparring partner, with the necessary extra hands (read: software)

For us, a valuable return on investment lies not only in the cost savings we realise within a transaction process, but also in the feeling we give. The feeling of relaxation, control and 'knowing that it will be all right' is what we do it for.
Otto Wilten

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Marije van Akkerveeken


Otto Wilten

Founder & Business Development

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