Due diligence

the ROOM offers the leading solutions for M&A transactions in the alternative legal services industry. When we perform contract due diligence, we use artificial intelligence tools to automatically abstract relevant provisions that make review by legal professionals cost efficient. Beyond due diligence, we support our clients at every step of the transaction.


Legal Documents and AI | the ROOM

Pre-transaction due diligence

Sell side

  • Preparation of the data room including sanity checks
  • Document collection and structuring
  • Redacting sensitive information
  • First level of review to identify contracts that may have a financial or other impact on the transaction

Buy side

  • Summarize contracts to identify risks and opportunities
  • Summarize corporate documentation
  • First level of contract review for legal and commercial risks and opportunities

Transaction support

  • Q&A management and coordination
  • Be the linking pin between parties involved
  • Prepare automated closing binders
  • Co-read and negotiate transaction documentation
  • Warranties check in combination with disclosed information

Post-transaction integration

  • Prepare a summary of risks and opportunities within a new portfolio
  • Transition third-party agreements to in-house templates
  • Integrate acquired contracts into new or existing contract management system

Project management

A dedicated (interim) project manager, providing full (on-site) assistance to the management. Liase with all stakeholders and take away a great deal of the workload.