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Due Diligence Ready

the ROOM provides fast, accurate and efficient audits. With our Legal Tech Software, project management and years of legal experience and knowledge, we fasten and simplify every corporate takeover. Each and every business, due diligence ready.

ROOM for Companies

Due Diligence Ready

Get your company due diligence ready with the ROOM. The most time and cost efficient way.

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Client Portal

This secured environment allows all consultants to safely share information.


Privacy or competition sensitive information is tracked and anonymized instantly.

Legal Fact Book

All potential risks found in the analysis are combined in one legal fact book. You decide on the scope and the relevance of the risks.

Permanent Data Room

After closing we provide the complete data room as a base for the permanent data room.  

Legal Fact Book Sell Side

Guide your clients to their maximum worth and prevent potential risks using our legal fact book.

Legal Fact Book Buy Side

Which red flags are preventing a smooth corporate takeover? You’ll find the answer in the buyers legal fact book.

Virtual Data Room

Get clear insight in your business data. the ROOM collects and structures all data in the virtual data room.

Cost and Time Efficient

Our software saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on the main business.

ROOM for Lawyers

Due Diligence Ready

Execute the fastest audits using the ROOM’s factbooks: automated legal sanity checks, schedules, contract and clause comparisons.

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Other the ROOM services

Contract Solutions

Read more about the legal software with which we analyse your contracts thoroughly and efficiently.

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Audit Support

Always one step ahead when it comes to legal audits? Our software support detects potential risks in no-time.

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