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Due Diligence Ready

the ROOM provides fast, accurate and efficient audits. With our legal tech software, project management and years of legal experience and knowledge, we fasten and simplify every corporate takeover. We get every business due diligence ready.

Client Portal

We work with a client portal: a secure environment in which all involved consultants can share information in a safe and controlled way. Start the Due Diligence process with minimal internal work stress and maximal control.

Due diligence


All Data in One Location

All gathered businessdata is structured according to our tailormade index. We execute the legal sanity check and verify the data for comprehensiveness and relevance. Our Legal AI Software is used for preliminary work and the screening of documents, after which we’ll recover any potential inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

Anonymize Data According to GDPR

Privacy- or competition sensitive information is tracked instantly using our GDPR solution. This data is then anonymized using our blackline software. Safeguarding commercially sensitive information and guaranteeing your, your employees and your company’s privacy.

Prevent Risks with the Legal Fact Book

Our AI Contract Analysis Tool provides you with a Legal Fact Book in no-time. Here you’ll find all potential risks which can be prevented. You decide on the scope, receiving only relevant risks. This result-driven DD-process will save you both time and costs.

Guidance in the Due Diligence Process

In this second phase, external parties and consultants receive access to the virtual data room. This allows them to compose Due Diligence reports. The barrage of questions is efficiently classified by our Q&A tool. The ROOM guides you through the complete Q&A and disclosure process.

More interesting facts:

All data in one location

Permanent Data Room

After closing we provide the complete data room as a base for the permanent data room. This allows us to be as accurate as possible, now and in the future.

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Due Diligence

With our Legal Tech Software, project management and years of legal experience and knowledge, we fasten and simplify every corporate takeover. Each and every business, due diligence ready.

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