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Always have sight on your legal houskeeping

Contract Solutions

Saving time and costs with legal housekeeping? the ROOM offers the ideal solution with legal software. All your legal information gathered in one location. Register, manage and report efficiently from the data room. Not just you, but all stakeholders too have complete access to all data 24/7. Reduce the risk of delay and negligence with clear management reports, alerts and search results. From now on you only need to focus on the essential tasks.

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Corporate Housekeeping

Keep clear insights in the legal administration of national and/or international (co-)partnerships in one data room. Use our tool to monitor whether every partnership complies with local, national legal rules and regulations. Also check if the partnership works in accordance with the Statutes. Fast, accurate and efficient.

Contract Management

Always insight in and knowledge of your contractual obligations? Our permanent data room solutions make Contract Management clear as day. Prepare your organisation for the rights and obligations regarding agreements and have a thorough understanding of the sales contracts.

Smart Contracts

Easily work together through our platform. Define the workflows beforehand for the smoothest teamwork. Complete work tasks, save documents safely, automize contracts and manage existing ones. Contracts can be signed digitally and blockchain technology can offer extra security. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Audit support

Always one step ahead when it comes to legal audits? Our software support detects potential risks in no-time.

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Due Diligence

With our Legal Tech Software, project management and years of legal experience and knowledge, we fasten and simplify every corporate takeover. Each and every business, due diligence ready.

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Streamline your process

Also use the ROOM to accelerate the business transfer process? Feel free to contact us. Or enter your email address and stay up-to-date on our latest developments.

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