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Always thorough and accurate preparation for legal audits

Legal Audit Support

Always prepared for legal audits? the ROOM works with advanced software detecting potential risks in contracts in no-time. Thorough and efficient analyses; that’s Legal Audit Support by the ROOM.


Contract Analysis

For the analysis of contracts we combine our expertise with our advanced software. With statistics and machine learning we extract the most important legal clauses and check for errors. the ROOM analyses a large amount of contracts in a short amount of time, which allows the client to profit from fast assessments and real-time control in terms of consistencies, risks and trends.


Accelerate your process and improve efficiency with our solutions. By automating manual tasks, the ROOM lightens the workload on your legal and resource department. Client resources can fully focus on high level, corporate law.


Easily follow the rules and regulations regarding the GDPR with the ROOM. We offer the tools you need to make contracts GDPR-ready. Both direct requirements and indirect consequences are processed by our legal software. Think of recognizing potential data leaks, but also identifying required details in a notice.

Other the ROOM services

Legal Software

Read more about the legal software with which we analyse your contracts thoroughly and efficiently.

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Due Diligence

With our Legal Tech Software, project management and years of legal experience and knowledge, we fasten and simplify every corporate takeover. Each and every business, due diligence ready.

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